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who we are

HyperJump Productions launched in 2021 in the UAE 

Crafting Story-Driven and Powerful Visual Content using our cinema standard film gear and specialized team.

We tackle projects swiftly without any delay as our team handles everything from the creative concept to production until the final product is in your hands.


our story

Prominent experience under one roof

Before the founding of HyperJump our team has extensive experience working on  Netflix productions such as Vikings & Valhalla and working on campaigns for Google, Facebook and Tesla. 

HyperJump is about taking these experiences and applying it to the commercial world.  We created a production house so we can share our passion with the world. The projects we create are cloaked in our cinematic approach while being catered to the clients needs.

Not chained down by a specific type of content; we create styles from corporate, documentary, abstract promotional content. We are a production house that delivers beyond your expectations.

Join us on our journey and be apart of how we change the landscape of commercial video production.  Check out our extensive list of video production services.

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Still of Alya Singz from her music video Love War created by HyperJUmp Productions

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Media City, Building 8, Office 526 

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 50 272 1997

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+971 50 272 1997


Dubai Media City, Building 8 Office 526

Dubai, U.A.E


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