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3 Things to Consider When Hiring a Video Production Company in the UAE

Professional videography team

Chances are you are looking for a professional videography team to make your ideas come to life or to expand on your digital marketing needs. Look no further. Today I aim to assist you in understanding what makes a video production company great and how to really get your money’s worth.


1. Quality depends on budget

So you’re looking for budget-friendly solutions for your videography. People often don’t understand how the videography business works. Your videography can only take you as far as your budget can.

So there will never be an exact price. The more you put in, the more you get. The longer it takes to shoot, the more it will cost.

It’s always a good idea to give as much detail about the video idea you have so the production team is able to fully understand what they’ll need and can give a more realistic quote.


2. What does a video production company do?

In short, a video production company handles a lot more than what one person can do. For example, at HyperJump, the team takes care of the creative concept, by discussing feasible ideas as per your budget.

After conceptualizing and green-lighting the idea, the team will proceed to plan and get all the pieces together and handle the entire production process, from drawing up lighting plans, direction, set design, wardrobe, cast and much more.

Finally, the team will edit the project and add the last touches. The final product is then delivered to you by the deadline provided by the company.


3. Why is quality in video production so important?

Think about the last time you went on a website and didn't see a video. It’s unusual, almost every company is able to seek a tangible benefit from having videos. It’s a great way for companies to amplify their marketing and maximize their ROI (return on investment).

According to WNIP, "82% of all online content is predicted to be video." Video increases transactions, generates leads and drives traffic to sites. It works across a variety of platforms, and it’s more shareable than ever.



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