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9 Types of Corporate Videos, and Why You Should Be Using Them!

Etisalat Digital Corporate Video

In this day and age we cannot seem to escape video content. Being the leading medium to consume information due to its accessibility, video content is no longer considered a luxury for businesses but a necessity. Corporate Videos are an important tool in a businesses marketing strategy to reach the right audiences. The question is what type of corporate videos are there and which ones do I need?

Here we are going to discuss 9 types of corporate videos and their purposes are.

#1 - Company Profile Video

This is the main stay of corporate videos. A video that represents your company, sitting on your websites homepage or about us page. This video gives a broad overview of your company and allows you to tell the message you would like to tell. Generally short and to the point company profile videos allow you to showcase your services and values and products in a digestible way.

#2 - Industry Video

Industry videos are aimed at an audience that shares the same industry as your company. They allow you to showcase your services and products in more detail while also being engaging. Usually shown at trade shows or on the companies service page.

Business decision-makers love online video because it gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time.

#3 - Explainer Video

Explainer videos are short informative videos that explain your company's product or service in an engaging way. Most commonly created with animation but can also be animation.

#4 - Induction / Training Video

What better way to teach your potential and current employees knowledge than in the form of a video. Induction and training videos are an excellent way to maintain high knowledge retention. Posting these videos online gives your employees the ability to access knowledge whenever they need; this is a vital aspect to business growth.

#5 - Investor Relationship / Financial Results

Investor Relationship and Financial Result videos

Investor Relationship and Financial Result videos are aimed at investors, shareholders and board members. Used to highlight information such as end-of-year financial statements or corporate achievements.

#6 - Event / Conference Highlight Video

A video that recaps an event and documents company milestones. These videos help build company culture and increase morale internally in the company. It also creates more appeal towards potential employees.

#7 - Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Video

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is important in every company. Showcasing your company's charitable contributions and initiatives is a perfect way to give potential clients and customers a window view into what you stand for.

#8 - Testimonial Video

Testimonial videos are a great way to build trust with potential customers. By showcasing an already existing customer or client, it gives honest insight into your product or service.

#9 - Corporate Documentary

Last but not least, we have corporate documentaries. A deep dive into the companiy's history, their journey, and what they stand for. Involving key personnel such as the founder or CEO. They are a great way of advertising your company and creating exposure without directly advertising.

There is a corporate video for every situation

As you can see corporate videos are a great way to showcase different aspects of your company while also being engaging and informative. Whether you're looking to gain some exposure or give stakeholders and customers knowledge about your products and services, videos are the answer.

At HyperJump Productions, we have produced various corporate videos for different business needs. You can find out more about corporate video on our services page. If you are interested in a corporate video contact us now and we will help you create the best corporate video for your business needs.

Wondering how much it costs to create a corporate video? Click here to check out our previous blog breaking down exactly what goes into corporate video costs.

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