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Short Film Production

At our core we are filmmakers, it is a big part of our history. We have been making short films for 8 years. That drive and passion is a key quality of what makes our production work exceptional.

Impactful messages

Short films help deliver strong social messages, or express your creativity. They provide an authentic view into the writers heart and soul. A Short films can also be a strong way to connect with your followers and has been demonstrated to yield positive impacts.

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People share short films


Documentaries provide an opportunity to understand and connect with cultures, countries, and the world. They are also a great way to gather together with friends to watch and engage in the important issues of our time. If done correctly, documentaries can be deeply educational as they can convey strong social messages. 

Why HyperJump

We make short films that will stand out, and will achieve your goals, and that will stay true to the message you want to share. With stunning visuals and capturing the perfect moments, we are able to craft the short films above industry standards for competitive pricing you won't get anywhere else.  

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Not Convinced? Check Out Our Latest Short Film

HyperJump was started as a platform to tell stories. Our expertise lays in short films as we have over 10 years experience in making them. We host an annual film showcase of our short films for audiences!

Click here to view the rest of our work!

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